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Michael N. Fulco, Ph.D.


1. Do you accept payment from insurance plans?

No, we do not participate in any insurance plans or provider panels. 

2. Can you assist me in obtaining reimbursement for services provided through my health plan?

Yes, if the indications for evaluation are in accordance with usual and customary criteria for "medical necessity" as defined by insurance companies. This typically means the condition for which an evaluation is requested must be a medical disorder. In addition, the evaluation must be crucial to the development of a medical or behavioral treatment plan. Having your physician order the evaluation is not sufficient. The evaluation must provide answers that will directly change the treatment plan. For this reason, evaluations ordered primarily for educational reasons are excluded. Typically, most insurers also exclude neuropsychological evaluation to diagnose ADHD. Most insurers require pre-certification before testing is initiated. In effect, this involves getting "permission" from the insurance company. There will be a nominal charge for filing pre-certification reports with the insurance company.

3. What are the fees for neuropsychological and psychological evaluation?

Fees for services are discussed over the telephone. 
Please call Dr. Fulco at (860) 430-1602.
Please note that the fee structure takes into account that evaluation services are comprehensive, with typical neuropsychological evaluations completed in extended sessions scheduled on two different days, and the typical psychological evaluation taking the better part of a full day. 

4. Do you have payment plans?

No. Payment is requested at the time of evaluation. 

5. Do you have contractual arrangements with any agencies or school districts?

No. There are no contract arrangements or advanced booking arrangements with public school districts.

6. What is your approach to testing? What tests do you use?

The philosophy is one that relies on a process approach and a flexible battery. This means that the testing battery varies from individual to individual and may be changed in the course of the evaluation itself. Clients are encouraged to view the evaluation as a comprehensive integration of different kinds of information, rather than as a series of tests that will yield the same "results" no matter who administers them. Clients who may be especially concerned about the contents of the test battery should feel free to contact Dr. Fulco to discuss this. 

7. What ages do you evaluate?

Ages 5 to adult. 


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