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Michael N. Fulco, Ph.D.

Telephone: 860-430-1602

E-Mail: michael.fulco@hotmail.com

Please be advised that e-mail by its nature is not confidential, but telephone voice mail is. If you need to transmit securely by email, please telephone for instructions.


Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Evening consultation sessions are available.

Scheduled closings are announced on the voice mail greeting and at the bottom of this page.


To make an appointment with Dr. Fulco, please call (860) 430-1602. He will return your call personally.

We typically do not book appointments online. Online inquiries regarding scheduling or questions about services are welcome although the confidentiality of e-mail cannot be guaranteed. For consultative questions, please telephone. Questionnaire materials to be completed prior to your first appointment will be sent by U.S. Mail after we have discussed your particular needs.  These questionnaires will be selected according to age and specific evaluation focus.


The office is now located at a new Glastonbury address: 703 Hebron Avenue. 

Our office abides by COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. Contact Dr. Fulco directly for details. 

Dr. Fulco is now certified to administer and interpret the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test, a cost-effective means for obtaining insight into psychological functioning. The test can be integrated into any test battery without requiring an extra visit to the office. Most people find it less stressful than other test procedures and it is suitable for a very wide age range. 

Scheduled Closings

October 25-30
November 20-27




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