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Michael N. Fulco, Ph.D.

How Does Neuropsychological Evaluation Help?

Helps the client understand strengths and weaknesses to assist in coping with disabilities, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, brain injury, learning disabilities, Lyme Disease, neurological illnesses such as MS or Parkinson’s Disease, seizures, strokes, brain tumors, and substance abuse.  Identifies cognitive problems such as difficulty paying attention, learning, or remembering that may be associated with medical or neurobehavioral conditions.  Behavior problems may mask underlying disorders that can be uniquely detected by neuropsychological testing.

  • Assists in referral to other professionals as needed.  
  • Provides consultation for educational and vocational planning.  
  • Diagnostic clarification to help guide medical treatments. 
  • Tracks progress through the course of child development. 
  • Gauges response to educational, rehabilitation, and medical interventions.
  • Helps parents to understand their children better.
  • Assists spouse and family in understanding the patient’s disabilities.

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